The Dirty Bird Secrets of Self-Directed IRAs & 401Ks


Learn the Dirty Bird Secrets

Learn the Dirty Bird Secrets

Ah, the dirty bird secrets of self-directed IRAs and 401Ks.  When most people ask why they haven’t heard of them, the blunt response is really “who do you think WOULD tell you about them?”

Your Stock Broker?  They are going to limit your IRA and 401K  to investments that THEIR firm sells.

Your Banker?  Well, besides the attractive offerings of CDs, many banks now offer the “traditional” world of investments.  Now, ask them to allow you to invest in “non-traditional” assets (e.g., real estate).  You may just get a “deer in the headlight” look.

Your Brokerage Firm?  Again, I think you know the answer.  You are going to be limited to the world of stocks and bonds.

All you have to do is wait for a collapse that we experienced in 2008, and people will start clamoring for options.  The “traditional” investment world is still going to  maintain that “secret”….in fact, maybe it is not a secret at all…it may be the result of significant lobbying and marketing.  If people don’t know they have options, they don’t know.  Unfortunately, should it take an event like 2008 to make us all more cognizant of our options?!

Even though your broker and banker may not give you options, you do have options.  AND, you can make the decisions.  Now the question is…do you want to make the decisions for some or all of your investment dollars?