About Us

PGI SelfDirected is an Industry Leader in IRA LLC, IRA Trust and Solo-K Options

PGI is dedicated to assisting clients with establishing client-controlled, self-directed IRA and 401K accounts.   Our purpose is to educate individuals and other professionals about the many benefits associated with self-direction of their retirement assets. In particular, we advise clients on how to fully utilize and capitalize on their investment strategies through the use of a self-directed IRA LLC, IRA Trust or Solo-K plan (401(k) plan for the full or part-time self-employed individual). PGI is a plan document sponsor providing our clients IRS-approved plan documents; however, PGI does not provide or offer any tax, legal, financial or investment advice. In short, we create the legal and compliance structure where our clients can self-direct their retirement investments. One should always consult with their tax or legal professional for all such matters.

We create the IRS-compliant IRA LLC, IRA Trust and Solo-K plan documents so our clients can:

  1. Make eligible plan contributions;
  2. Transfer and/or rollover fund from other plans (e.g., IRAs, old 401(k)s) into their self-directed IRA LLC, IRA Trust or Solo-K so they can choose to invest into any non-traditional asset not prohibited under IRS and DOL Prohibited Transactions rules;
  3. Become more involved and accountable for their retirement investing;
  4. No longer be limited to only “traditional” investment world of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  5. While being able to fully self-direct your investments, you will still have the ability to invest into Traditional assets as well;
  6. Operate your plan with the highest level of professional assistance at the fairest professional fee structure.

We take great pride in:

  1. Providing you education on the self-directed process, we want you to be educated. A well-informed client is good for all of us. This includes fully explaining the self-directed process during our initial conversations. Unless you want, you will not have the “10-minute elevator sales pitch.”
  2. While PGI does not provide tax, legal, financial or investment advice, we do want you to call us with your questions. If we can assist you in prepping yourself for the best questions to review with your tax or legal representative, that is of benefit to you.
  3. Not “selling” our clients financial products of any kind…we are experts at establishing self-directed IRA LLC, IRA Trust and Solo-K, never investing your retirement funds. Make no mistake, and this is important…with any of our plans you have fiduciary control of your retirement plan funds.
  4. We assist our clients in saving a tremendous amount of money in self-directed fees and give them the freedom and flexibility they deserve.

It is this philosophy that sets us apart.