About Us

PGI Agency is the Industry Leader in Flexible IRA and 401KSolutions

PGI is a national marketing company dedicated to assisting clients with establishing client-controlled, self-directed IRA and 401K accounts.   Our purpose is to educate individuals and other professionals about the many benefits associated with self-direction of their retirement assets. In particular, we advise clients on how to fully utilize tax preferred entities such as IRA and 401K plans so that they have full fiduciary over their retirement plans.  PGI is a document provider and, as such, does not dispense, offer or provide any tax, legal advice or opinion, financial or investment advice.

We assist our clients  in establishing their IRA or 401K plans so that they can make contributions, make eligible transfer and rollovers of asset funds into entities where they can legally invest in Real Estate, businesses, hard money loans and a plethora of additional investment opportunities. We take great pride in not “selling” our clients financial products of any kind…we are experts at establishing self-directed IRA and 401K accounts for our clients, and are best positioned to creating an avenue whereby our clients have fiduciary and trustee control of their retirement assets.  In doing so, we can assist our clients in saving a tremendous amount of money in self-directed fees and give them the freedom and flexibility they deserve.

It is this philosophy that sets us apart.

When you choose PGI Agency, we become a key resource for in you becoming more involved and accountable for your retirement investing.  While all IRS rules must be adhered to, your interaction with PGI allows you the ability to invest as you see fit, and not be limited to the “traditional” investment world of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  Customer satisfaction is our number one asset.

While all IRS regulations must be adhered to,you have the ability to invest your IRA or 401K funds directly into assets such as real estate, tax liens, deeds of trust, and a plethora of other investment options.  No more being limited to investing into traditional assets…you now will have the ability to invest into any IRS-permitted assets class….which is certainly more than stocks, bonds and mutual funds.