Advantages of a Self-Directed 401K!

You Never Thought a 401K Could be This Good!!

  • 1) Full “Checkbook Control” of your 401K…you are your own Trustee;
  • 2) No Custodian Relationship…unlike an IRA;
  • 3) Spouse can not only be a Co-Trustee but Rollover Funds into the Plan as well;
  • 4) Ability to Rollover ALL types of IRAs (0ther than Roth), 401Ks and most other qualified plan funds into the new plan;
  • 5) income limitations…definitely not true with your IRA;
  • 6) Contribution (Employee Deferrals) far exceed those of an IRA: $17,000 under 50 and $22,500 over 50;
  • 7) Matching: Up to 25% of your income may be an employer match;
  • 8) Roth Contributions that have no regard to personal income limitations;
  • 9) Loans – Yes, provided you follow all IRS rules, you can execute a loan to yourself;
  • 10) No Annual Fees — PGI’s industry-setting no annual compliance/administrative fee;
  • 11) IRS Prohibited Transaction Penalties — Any potential penalties within your 401k are far less threatening to your plan vs. the IRA;
  • 12) Tax free transfer of assets — Definitely a possibility with your 401K.