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IRS Warns About Continued Phone Scammers

As we enter into 2015, the IRS has come out with an updated reminder of the “Dirty Dozen.”  This list typically ties in 12 tax schemes that they wish to warn the general public about. One scheme that has been consistently on the Dirty Dozen list is the continued proliferation of phone scammers who are carrying on various tax scams. …read more →

Gifting Life Insurance to Charity

Well, one thing about how I write blogs.  Whether they are written well or poorly, whether they capture the reader’s attention or not, I will get on a topic and continue to write on the same topic for a while.  We have been on the topic of various options for giving to charities, and one topic within this arena is…read more →

Various Gifting Options for Charities

There are various gifting options for charities that a charitably-minded individual might consider.  Using a self-directed IRA or 401(k) plan to donate is not necessary, however, an individual may wish to establish a self-directed plan during the accumulation years of their plan to grow their retirement account with the freed0m and flexibility they may desire.  Also, it actually may be easier …read more →

IRS Makes Forming a 501(c)(3) Easier

Since the last blog topic dealt with the concept of a 401(k) donating to charity, we might as well stay on a somewhat related topic pertaining to the reasons why the IRS makes forming a 501(c)(3) easier to establish a charitable entity.  Unlike all of the recent talk about the IRS 501(c)(4) organization approval inquiry , c4s deal with not-for-profit organizations that promote social welfare while c3s…read more →

IRA Prohibited Transactions Re-Visited — Hear it from the IRS!

You can go anywhere on the web and read many articles and blogs about IRS Prohibited Transactions.  Many of them, including maybe this one, will be repetitive.  Hopefully, this blog has a couple of different wrinkles but, even if it doesn’t, a reminder to one and all about IRS Prohibited Transactions may be boring, but is never a bad idea!…read more →

It’s YOUR Money….Really, or are YOU Just Being Given the Business?!

Okay, I thought I wouldn’t re-visit a topic within the same year, but I feel obliged to after receiving several calls this week regarding the same topic of interest. While there are many good companies out there to assist people with their self-directed interests and plans, the companies can be (and usually are) VERY different in both function and with…read more →

Self-Directed IRA & 401K Fees — Why, Pray Tell, Are There Differences?

Reading Info from the IRS…..Hooray!

Okay, all bad humor aside, there are some IRS publications that people should and might even want (notice I didn’t say enjoy!) to read, especially if they are interested in creating a self-directed IRA or 401K plan. You might be asking why you would want to read such material. Well, 1) Some people, including myself, still believe that you can’t…read more →

Back By Popular Demand — An Easy Definition of Custodians, Administrators & Facilitators

More and more self-directed “providers” are popping up and clients begin getting confused regarding one company that states they are a custodian, another a facilitator and so on. They know that surely there must be a difference between them, but typically could not even begin to explain the differences. It is important that they know. The mantra of these providers…read more →

Sel-Directed IRAs — When is an “F” Maybe Better than a “C” or “A”?

Many articles and blogs are written related to self-directed retirement accounts and the value that they can provide to individuals by giving them another avenue in which to choose where they wish to invest their hard earned retirement assets. But much of the time there is little written on how these plans are set up and third party individuals/companies that…read more →