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Gosh, IRA & 401K Rollovers Are Exciting!!

You are probably wondering why I would have a video or Norm Macdonald on this blog.  It is because the subject matter or IRS rollovers are, well, what should we say….boring!?  But, while boring, it is vital that you know what the rules are so that you know how to execute the rollover.  In this post, we will be focusing on…read more →

Top Questions for Self-Directed IRAs and 401Ks

There is a lot of websites, companies and blog that tout the benefits of the self-directed IRA.  Actually, all things being equal the self-directed 401K is probably a better option for most…as long as one qualifies for the 401K.  That being said, let’s look at some common questions that are raised related to self-directed IRAs and 401Ks: 1) What is…read more →

Retirement Investment Options — A Different Version of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Unfortunately, many people are unaware that they can invest their retirement funds in assets other than “traditional” assets such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Unfortunately, this prohibits them from investing in “non-traditional” assets (e.g., real estate) when they may want to make these investments. But, since brokerage firms and banks will only permit you to invest in their financial products,…read more →

“My CPA Said the IRS Prohibits my 401K from Investing in Real Estate!”

  This was a recent comment made regarding a soon-to-be client after visiting with their CPA.  While we do not hear this comment as much as we used to, we still do hear it.  Whether it is our CPA, financial adviser or broker, the mantra can be the same:  “The IRS doesn’t allow you to invest in assets like real…read more →

“We’ve Established Checkbook Control IRAs for…….”

Just this past week I spoke with a soon-to-be client who had done extensive research in the differences between custodians, administrators and facilitators of self-directed retirement plans (primarily IRAs).  While it ended up that he is going to establish a self-directed 401K, he initially called to inquire about an IRA.  He did not realize that he was even eligible to…read more →

Self-Directed IRAs and 401Ks — Ever Fall Over That Crack?!

We’ve all done it…..that crack in the sidewalk that most people would have to intentionally attempt to trip over and still maybe not fall….but, we are the ones who do that trip and are always embarassed over it. When we trip on the crack, we look at the crack as if it jumped up and knocked us over when no…read more →

Self-Directed 401Ks — A Mini B.O.Y.?

Learn how you can USE your 401K plan to reduce debt AND grow your 401K at the same time. Not possible? Think again.

Self-Directed IRAs and 401Ks – You Don’t Have Be All-In — Playin’ the House’s Rules

Well, while poker may be fun to play and tell stories about, it only serves in this article as an analogy with what may be happening with many individuals who are setting up self-directed IRAs and 401Ks. Many people are tired of the Wall Street yo-yo of up and down