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Can an IRA be Co-Jointly Owned? (Remember the “I”)! (VIDEO)

Rollovers from Traditional IRAs to 401Ks – Is It Permissible?

I occasionally receive questions from individuals who are still mired down from old advice they were given many moons ago by their accountant. The advice said that Traditional IRAs (e.g., “pre-taxed” IRA accounts) cannot be moved in to a 401K plan…..self-directed or not. Well, the simple answer to the question is that, generally speaking, YES, such plans can be transferred/rolled…read more →

IRS Direct Rollover Requirements of YOUR IRA/401K Funds

Obviously, for individuals who wish to invest in Real Estate using qualified retirement plan (QRPs) funds, certain rules have to be met in administering the plan to comply with all IRS and, if applicable, DOL regulations. But, when funding the new account with other retirement plan funds, recent questions have come up about what is a “Rollover.” Under IRC section…read more →

“Flipping” – Does It Constitute UBIT (geez, what is UBIT?!) For An IRA/401K?

Here is a topic that has been coming up lately that may not apply to all investors in real estate, but as real estate investors, ALL should have interest and knowledge of. Many people ask, or assume, that if they purchase property for the purposes of “flipping”, that the receipt of rental or sales income generates UBIT (Unrelated Business Income…read more →

How Are CPA’s Like Doctors?!

I think it is fair to say that this question is probably not a question that you wake up in the morning and ask yourself…with good reason. If you did, I might suggest that you seek professional help! But, in the world of self-directed 401K plans, more people need to be cognizant of the role their CPA may have in…read more →