Identity Theft — 401(k) Plans

IRS, Taxes, Identity Theft and Solo 401(k) Plans

This IRS notice is specifically intended to assist tax payers with curbing as much as possible identity theft concerns.   The IRS has taken pro-active steps in working with State Departments of Revenue, tax software providers and tax preparers so these entities can greater assist tax payers with theft identity warning signs.  We all know that in the world of identity…read more →

Identity Theft — How the IRS is Trying to Help

Let’s face it, identity theft is not going away and it certainly has gotten worse.  There are many things that we can do to try to protect ourselves….and, the IRS and states know there is more they can do to try to protect citizens from tax-related identity theft issues. A large concern that we are all worried about…..fraudulent tax returns…read more →

Solo-401(k) Plans, the IRS & Identity Theft

There are not too many people who like to receive mail from the IRS…unless they are receiving a tax refund.  Even when trying to do good things, I don’t know too many folks who jump up and down at the mail box waiting for the IRS letter. However, the IRS and states are working more closely together to assist tax…read more →