IRA & 401K Contribution Limits

Self-Administered 401k Plans — It’s More than Having Control

We all get it…there are a lot of benefits to being the Trustee of your own 401k plan.  The ability to control your own 401k plan and invest the funds of that plan into assets that you believe are in the best interests of the plan. That freedom to invest in a world that can certainly include stocks, bonds and mutual funds,…read more →

Retirement Plan Alert — Protect YOUR IRA!

Recently, information has come out regarding a proposal the IRS needs to make to the Department of the Treasury by late Fall 2012.  The purpose of the proposal… outline and secure approval for an audit of IRA plans that, specifically, are not paying the IRS its full due in taxes.  What taxes and audits are we talking about? Audits of…read more →