IRA & 401K Contribution Limits

What is a Self-Directed IRA — The Proverbial Dog?! (Part 1)

Okay, every so often I like to pull out some movie references.  You may remember “Kevin” in the 1980’s classic, “Home Alone.”  There is a part in the movie where Kevin has his older brother’s (Buzz) wallet, proceeds to pull out a picture of Buzz’s girlfriend and says, “Buzz your girlfriend…woof.”  So, what, pray tell, does this movie reference have to…read more →

What is a Self-Directed IRA…And, Why You Don’t Care!

Many times people will call and ask the following: 1)  “What is a Traditional IRA?” 2)  “What is a Roth IRA?” 3)  “Can I Self-Direct”? Typically, they have done some online research and realized that they may be able to self-direct the assets within their IRA or 401K.  However, while these folks have clicked endless online links as to why…read more →

Self-Directed 401K Plans — Time to Fund

Just like any 401K plan, you may now wish to fund your plan and maximize it to the highest potential possible.  Of course, you always have and, should exercise, the option of funding your plan with contributions….both employee deferrals and profit share contributions.  But, you have other options available to you, should you desire, get fund your plan as much…read more →

IRS Increases 2012 401K Contribution Limits….But, Just Barely

Any  increase in the level of contributions that can be made to a 401K plan is always good.  The more that we can shelter into our 401K on a pre-taxed basis or Roth basis is something that we all need to seriously contemplate. So, in getting ready for making final contributions into your plan during the rest of 2012, remember…read more →

Retirement Plan Alert — Protect YOUR IRA!

Recently, information has come out regarding a proposal the IRS needs to make to the Department of the Treasury by late Fall 2012.  The purpose of the proposal… outline and secure approval for an audit of IRA plans that, specifically, are not paying the IRS its full due in taxes.  What taxes and audits are we talking about? Audits of…read more →

Benefits of a Self-Directed Roth 401K? (VIDEO)

Self-Directed ROTH 401K Contributions — Can I Make BOTH Pre-Tax and Roth Contributions?

More and more people are not only learning they have the ability to make contributions into a ROTH 401K plan, BUT that they also have the ability to potentially make these contributions into a self-directed ROTH 401K plan. We will define both a ROTH 401K plan vs. the self-directed ROTH 401K plan, but let’s first explain how you might be…read more →