IRS Regulations for 401K Plans

Gifting Life Insurance to Charity

Well, one thing about how I write blogs.  Whether they are written well or poorly, whether they capture the reader’s attention or not, I will get on a topic and continue to write on the same topic for a while.  We have been on the topic of various options for giving to charities, and one topic within this arena is…read more →

Various Gifting Options for Charities

There are various gifting options for charities that a charitably-minded individual might consider.  Using a self-directed IRA or 401(k) plan to donate is not necessary, however, an individual may wish to establish a self-directed plan during the accumulation years of their plan to grow their retirement account with the freed0m and flexibility they may desire.  Also, it actually may be easier …read more →

Solo 401(k) Plans — You Gotta Be Self-Employed!

Well, duh! While I’ve done a post or two in the past on this and it really is not a complicated matter…or shouldn’t be…it is always good to re-visit the subject matter. Why?  Well, when people are inquiring about self-directed plans, they understand that a 401(k) plan has some inherent benefits over an IRA.  Some of the benefits of the…read more →

My 401K and Self-Directed 401K — Assistance from the IRS?!

Well, not really.  But, whether you are establishing any type of IRA (Traditional, Roth, SIMPLE, SEP) or any 401K or other qualified plan (e.g., 403(b), 457), you may want to take advantage of a new tool the IRS recently published. Now, before you jump up and down with excitement about this new tool that can help you with retirement planning…read more →

My 401K Plan — What is ERISA?

Most people probably do not know what ERISA actually is and, if you are serving as the Trustee of your self-directed 401K plan, you hopefully won’t need to fully understand ERISA. However, if one is involved in any 401K plan, it is vitally important that you have a basic understanding of ERISA so you KNOW whether it applies to you…read more →