Self-Directed Custodians

IRA and 401K Rollovers — Is this a Horror Movie?!

IRA and 401K Rollovers — Ugh, rules for such rollovers are often misunderstood, questionable in their clarity and often mishandled by honest, tax-paying account owners.  In fact, the rules are often so much misunderstood by many that the IRS often reviews exception requests by individuals requesting relief of rollover tax penalties….not because they were trying to break a rule BUT…read more →

Self-Directed 401K — How About NO CUSTODIAN Requirement?!

Ah, you have done all your research on self-directed IRA plans, you learn about all the IRS regulations and Prohibited Transactions affecting both IRA and 401K plans, and you even are trying to determine whether you should establish a Roth IRA or possibly do a Roth IRA conversion with your current funds. Undoubtedly, in your research, you quickly learned that…read more →

Self-Directed IRA — LLC Asset Protection

For those of you who have done research on self-directed IRAs (Tradional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA), you soon find the term IRA LLC. Why? Well, as an IRA must be “held” by an IRS-approved IRA custodian, IF the IRA account holder wants to secure fiduciary control (e.g., checkbook control) of the assets of the IRA, there has to be…read more →

IRA Custodians & Self-Directed IRA Custodians — Did You Know there were Three!?

How do you want to invest your IRA? Are you only interested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds….there are plenty of IRA custodians that will take your money. Interested more in investing in non-traditional assets (e.g., real estate)….well, you will have a harder time finding these custodians, but a good Google research will get you information on those custodians. Want…read more →

Both Roth and Pre-Tax Contributions to a 401K Plan?

A question that often comes up is whether a 401K participant can make both Roth and pre-tax contributions to a 401K plan? While it is a simple answer, it is totally understandable why people do not know the answer to the question and why it may confuse them. Why? Well, it is because that 401K plans do NOT have to…read more →

Self-Directed IRA Contribution Limits — Who Stinking Cares?!

Well, actually, all of us should. So, why do I have such a strong commentary on the subject matter of IRA contribution limits…whether it be an IRA, Roth IRA or SIMPLE IRA? It is because in comparison to a 401K plan, the IRA just doesn’t hold up with any aggressive planning you may have to increase the value of your…read more →

Self-Directed IRA & 401K — Legal Alert — A Prohibited Transaction that You May Not Even Know About

A Prohibited Transaction that you may not even know about is what the IRS refers to as “self-dealing” between a retirement plan and the account owner (disqualified individual). Specifically, and related to this post, the IRS stipulates that a Prohibited Transaction has occurred if (please note this is a particial list): Any of the following acts between the plan and…read more →

What is a Self-Directed IRA — The Proverbial Dog?! (Part 1)

Okay, every so often I like to pull out some movie references.  You may remember “Kevin” in the 1980’s classic, “Home Alone.”  There is a part in the movie where Kevin has his older brother’s (Buzz) wallet, proceeds to pull out a picture of Buzz’s girlfriend and says, “Buzz your girlfriend…woof.”  So, what, pray tell, does this movie reference have to…read more →

IRA Accounts — Don’t Face IRS Scrutiny or Penalties

There is a saying that goes something like, “with great freedom comes great responsibility.”  This statement, when applied to IRAs in general, and self-directed IRAs in particular, couldn’t ring more true.  It may not be a question of “how to be self-directed”, but rather IF you should be self-directed. Why? The penalties associated with triggering an IRS Prohibited Transaction within…read more →

Total Control SD IRA & 401K — How Do I Get?

Having a self-directed IRA or 401K is one step toward obtaining complete control. To obtain a truly self-directed retirement account you need PGI Self-Directed and its unique system of allowing you the most . This is the structure that gives you checkbook control. When you simply establish an account with a self-directed custodian, you are still required to get permission…read more →