Self-Directed IRA & 401K Basics

Self-Directed IRAs & 401Ks…Are HIGH Fees Really Required?

You should really watch this video BEFORE you read this blog…and, maybe you have. In the world of self-directed retirement plans, there are many different options on how to self-direct and, with these options, different structures of fees. Just like the commercial, you may not want to have that same feeling with fees for your self-directed IRA or 401K. You…read more →

Benefits of a Self-Directed Roth 401K? (VIDEO)

Self-Directed Roth 401Ks (VIDEO)

Self-Directed ROTH 401K Contributions — Can I Make BOTH Pre-Tax and Roth Contributions?

More and more people are not only learning they have the ability to make contributions into a ROTH 401K plan, BUT that they also have the ability to potentially make these contributions into a self-directed ROTH 401K plan. We will define both a ROTH 401K plan vs. the self-directed ROTH 401K plan, but let’s first explain how you might be…read more →

What is a Roth 401K? (VIDEO)

Contribution Limits to MY Self-Directed Roth 401K? (VIDEO)

Benefits of a Self-Directed ROTH 401K?

Remember, to have a ROTH 401K, or any 401K for that matter, an individual must qualify as a self-employed individual (e.g., sole proprietor, incorporated with no employees). But, if you are one of the fortunate people who qualify for the 401K, you may wonder why you would ever consider an IRA as your sole retirement plan option, when compared to…read more →

Your Self-Directed IRA — Possibly, the Biggest Mistake You Have Made?!

Many a blogs and articles have been written from this author and others about the benefits associated with a self-directed IRA and 401K. So, that being said, why would this post/article even begin to state that establishing a self-directed IRA might be the worst mistake you ever made?! Why would the ability to self-direct one’s own retirement assets be a…read more →

What Types of IRAs can be Self-Directed? (VIDEO)

SD IRAs and & 401Ks — My Broker Says They Are Illegal?

I remember as a young man that my dad asked me if the family should buy a Pontiac TransAm…I was floored! To this day, many moons later, I can still see the 2″ X 2″ advertisement in the local paper showing “my” car on sale for $3,596 (yes, I still remember!!). Whether wishful thinking or just playing with his son,…read more →