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Introductory manual

Here is an introduction to an extensive manual that we have written on what you can or can’t do with your IRA money.

IRS Publications – Review IRS Publications that may affect your SD IRA or 401K

IRS Publication 560

IRS Publication 575

IRS Publication 590

IRS Publication 529

IRS Publication 550

IRS Publication 598

IRS Publication 3125

IRS Court Cases — Review Actual IRS Court Cases

Swanson V. Commissioner

Interested in moving half a million dollars into your IRA in a very short time frame? Here’s a court case that allowed one person to do exactly that, and the IRS was even forced to pay over $50,000 in attorney’s fees for challenging him.

Ancira V. Comminsioner
Want to invest in private companies with your IRA money but are worried about following all the intricate steps? Here’s a case where everything was done wrong, but the court still allowed an IRA to invest in a private company without any tax consequences.

DOL Advisory Opinions — Opinions that May Affect 401K Plans

DOL Advisory Opinion 88-18A
Here’s a ruling where an IRA owner had his IRA make a loan to a corporation owned 47% by him. Sure beats dealing with a bank.

DOL Interpretive Ruling 2000-10A Want to enter into a partnership with your IRA money and children? Here’s a ruling from the Department of Labor saying if you do things right this could be possible.

DOL Advisory Opinion 2006-09A

Investment by a self-directed IRA in notes being offered by an entity that is over 87% owned by the IRA owner’s son-in-law would be a prohibited transaction.

IRS Private Letter Rulings — So Much to Read!

Private Letter Ruling 8604089
Want to start building up a real estate empire? This ruling from the IRS shows how you can structure real estate deals in your IRA.

IRS Field Service Advisory 200128011
How about having your IRA own a business with the kids’ IRAs? This advisory letter from the IRS approved exactly that.

IRS attack on Abusive Roth IRA Transactions
It seems that the IRS is starting to believe that the Roth IRA is too good to be true. To that end they released this notice saying they believe that certain transactions between a Roth IRA and related parties will be considered as Tax Shelters.

2012 401K & IRA Contribution Limits

What are your limits for 2012?  Go right to the source….the IRS.

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