PGI Agency — Not Your Father’s IRA & 401K

“No matter how much you love your broker, financial planner or banker it is a fact of life, NO ONE cares as MUCH as you do about your personal finances!

Do you agree? Do you think that you should be able to invest your retirement plan assets into any investment not precluded under IRS regulations. If so, please, keep surfing.

Are you tired of your broker’s definition of “diversification” of being diversified in different classes all still within the world of traditional investment offerings of stocks, bonds and mutual funds? Do you believe that true “diversification” may, for you, include real estate, precious metals, and a plethora of additional investment options? If so, please, keep surfing.

Finally, do you believe that as long as permitted under IRS regulations, you would prefer to have immediate, checkbook-controlled access to your retirement funds and not at the control of your investment professionals? If so, you are ready to explore your options for taking control of your retirement planning. Are there rules to be followed? Yes, of course. But, you now have a whole new world of options to you….and the freedom and flexibility of doing all your “traditional” (e.g., stocks, bonds and mutual funds) and “non-traditional” (e.g., real estate) investing from one account.

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Everyone wants to invest in real estate. We have all seen our IRAs and 401Ks drop as the stock market continues it’s roller-coaster ride. How many of us would invest our retirement funds in real estate if we could? The answer; a lot! But think of it another way…..if YOU could establish a retirement plan that offered you the ability to invest in any and all assets (i.e.,traditional, non-traditional assets) at one time from one account, why wouldn’t you consider this power. Think about it….no longer being told how you should diversify amongst mutual funds, etc. by your broker….no, we are talking about YOU diversifying your funds into ANY asset that is permitted under IRS regulations!

What if you could get bank financing on those real estate purchases? Then it’s even more likely that you would want to buy real estate with your IRA or 401K.

Now, you can tap into that $3 Trillion retirement market and see your retirement income and your investment capital soar. Would you like to take advantage of investments like rental properties, lease to purchase transactions, fix-up real estate, or even commercial property? You may even be able to have YOUR OWN IRA or 401K purchase your dream retirement home right now!

It is a little-known fact that if you structure your IRA or 401K correctly, you can have 100% control and checkbook access to your assets to make the investments that are important to you; including real estate.


Sounds too good to be true? That’s only because these options aren’t well-known. The San Francisco Chronicle put it best when they said, “The reason you haven’t heard about them [these investment alternatives] is that there is little profit incentive for financial institutions, which primarily sell stocks and bonds to IRA accounts.” [Source: San Francisco Chronicle, January 6, 2003]


This is one of the little-known insider’s secrets that only a few of the Top Professionals across various financial professions have known for years. But it’s not enough to know this secret – the real impact comes from working with a qualified professional who establishes your IRA or 401K plan so that YOU can leverage these secrets to make money for you by rapidly growing your asset base. And that’s why PGI Agency can serve as a tremendous asset to you.