PGI SelfDirected 401K Structure

Learn How to Have Checkbook Control of Your 401K

While there are many advantages to having a self-directed 401K over an IRA, selection of either needs to be carefully considered and reviewed with your tax and legal professionals.  However, as it relates to fee and ease-of-use issues, the PGI Agency, Inc. 401K structure provides 401K account holders with the following benefits:

No Custodian — 401K regulations do not require the use of a Custodian as long as the plan is is established with the proper documents and responsibility for the plan falls onto a Trustee(s).  This Trustee can be you.\

No Custodian, No Annual Fees — In most circumstances, 401K clients can escape annual fees (an occasional document fee is required) that a Custodian charges.  Once the plan is established, you won’t be continually and annually “hit” with Custodian fees that can include account balance, account maintenance, transaction and termination fees.  This alone will save you pto