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“Life Cycle” of a Solo 401(k) Plan

Similar to our lives, there is an actual life cycle of a Solo 401(k) plan as well.  And, that is how you want to think about your Solo-K plan.  If you do, it will certainly help cement in your mind how you are to operate your plan moving forward.  It is important that you fully understand this analogy to fully…read more →

Rollover ANY Funds into Your Self-Adminstered 401K?!

Well, almost. While I have spoken about this before, it is interesting how I continue to receive questions related to what types (e.g., Traditional IRA, SEP-IRA, 457) of retirement funds CAN be rolled over into a self-administered 401K plan. I don’t mind….I don’t expect people to necessarily know this information and, as a result, some people believe that they can…read more →

Self-Directed 401K Plans — What the Heck is CODA?!

A prospective client once called when he had researched “my 401K” and got majorly confused. He was reading about how he could operate his self-directed 401K plan, how he could the 401K trustee of his own plan and how, hopefully, he could benefit his retirement plan and, ultimately, his retirement savings. But, while researching the ins and outs of 401K…read more →