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Solo 401(k) Plans — Beware of Common Law Employees

Had a call that I absolutely welcomed receiving today from a client.  The issue he raised can always be re-addressed with Trustees of 401(k) plans….and that is what issues should be considered if you are even thinking of hiring employees to your self-employed business.  Believe it or not, the issue of a business that sponsors a 401(k) plan adding ANY…read more →

Both Roth and Pre-Tax Contributions to a 401K Plan?

A question that often comes up is whether a 401K participant can make both Roth and pre-tax contributions to a 401K plan? While it is a simple answer, it is totally understandable why people do not know the answer to the question and why it may confuse them. Why? Well, it is because that 401K plans do NOT have to…read more →

What is a 401K Plan? If You Self-Direct, You May Get Confused!

People inquire frequently on what is the difference between all the self-directed 401K plans they see advertised on the internet.  When they see different “named” type of plans, they naturally assume there is a difference.  Research the topic on any given day and you will see references to: My 401K Plan Self-Directed 401K Self-Administered 401K IK I401K IPlans SoloK and…read more →