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Rules for IRA LLC Contributions and Distributions

Self-directed IRA LLC investors are understandably concerned about complying with IRS and DOL Prohibited Transaction rules, but they can often forget some rules for IRA LLC contributions and distributions.  Don’t be laxed, confused or ambivalent about important rules for contributions and distributions from your IRA account when utilizing an IRA LLC structure.   It is always important to pay attention to…read more →

What is a Self-Directed Roth IRA — Defined?

Well, in defining what a Roth IRA is, we first have to define what an IRA is. An IRA is a tax advtanaged retirement savings plan as defined by the IRS. So, with a Roth, it is still an IRA, it just doesn’t have the tax advantages associated with your contributions. Whereas a typical IRA contributions are made on a…read more →

What is a Self-Directed IRA…And, Why You Don’t Care!

Many times people will call and ask the following: 1)  “What is a Traditional IRA?” 2)  “What is a Roth IRA?” 3)  “Can I Self-Direct”? Typically, they have done some online research and realized that they may be able to self-direct the assets within their IRA or 401K.  However, while these folks have clicked endless online links as to why…read more →