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How do I Complete a W-9 for an IRA LLC

The use of a W-9 with your IRA LLC investing is a certainty.  Don’t be afraid to complete and submit….you will need to complete at some point in time, especially if you make a passive investment with an investment sponsor.  The W-9 is not submitted to the IRS; rather, a W-9 is utilized to collect information for tax reporting, including…read more →

Using an IRA Trust Rather Than an IRA LLC?

The IRA LLC is the “go to” for the self-directed IRA investor who wishes to have checkbook control of their IRA funds.  However, though not well known, there is growing interest in using an IRA Trust rather than an IRA LLC.  Let’s get some basics out of the way right off the bat:  both structures permit checkbook control to the…read more →

Beneficiary Mistakes — Self-Directed 401(k) or IRA (Part 1)

This post is for beneficiary mistakes within an IRA or 401(k)….self-directed or not. Potential beneficiary mistakes with your self-directed 401(k) or IRA can be very real issues.  With proper planning and maintenance, your beneficiary can greatly benefit from your gift.  With poor planning, it can turn into a curse. As part of proper planning, you should always review your beneficiary…read more →

SD IRAs & 401Ks — Beware of the Dreaded Transactional Fee!

While not endorsing “>Southwest Airlines, I want to credit them for this cute and older commercial video that really drives home the point of this post.  When you are establishing a self-directed IRA or 401(k), you will have the option of having “checkbook control” of these assets.  The choice will be up to you.  In making your choice, you will either retain the…read more →

Self-Directed IRA — Ugh!! Let’s Do A Rah-Rah for the SD 401K!!

In the world of self-directed IRA custodians and IRA administrators, what is the common thread?  Well, if you said establishing self-directed IRA plans for its clients…give yourself a gold star!  Whether these companies are establishing your IRA plan with or without checkbook control, they are still establishing a self-directed IRA.  Are these plans of benefit to you, especially if you…read more →

IRA Custodians & Self-Directed IRA Custodians — Did You Know there were Three!?

How do you want to invest your IRA? Are you only interested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds….there are plenty of IRA custodians that will take your money. Interested more in investing in non-traditional assets (e.g., real estate)….well, you will have a harder time finding these custodians, but a good Google research will get you information on those custodians. Want…read more →

Self-Directed IRAs & 401Ks…Are HIGH Fees Really Required?

You should really watch this video BEFORE you read this blog…and, maybe you have. In the world of self-directed retirement plans, there are many different options on how to self-direct and, with these options, different structures of fees. Just like the commercial, you may not want to have that same feeling with fees for your self-directed IRA or 401K. You…read more →