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Beneficiary Mistakes — Self-Directed 401(k) or IRA (Part 2)

In the previous post, we introduced three potential beneficiary designation mistakes.  In this post, we will point out a few more. Don’t Name Your Kid! This is not meant as harsh as it sounds.  As with other considerations, this relates to the issue of age.  There are WAAAAY too many people who identify their minor children as either a primary…read more →

Self-Directed 401k Plans — When Life is Going Well?

This is a post I like to re-visit from time to time. I think one trait that can affect all of us is that when times are bad, boy are they bad.  And, when times are good, well, they are good.  That’s human nature to be swayed by polar opposites that may affect us. With the financial markets reaching unsurpassed highs, it…read more →

Multiple Loans from More Than One 401(k) Plan?

If you want to watch this blog on a video, please feel free….just know that at the start of the video I state if you can have “multiple plans”, when I intended to say “multiple loans.” We are going to talk about a subject today that may not affect too many of you, but we will have fun with it….read more →

Self-Directed 401K Plans — Don’t Trip

It’s a nice day, you are taking a nice casual walk and almost like someone playing a joke on you, you stumble while you are walking and almost fall flat on your face.  You look back, firmly believing that someone left something out to purposely make you look foolish, and what do you see?  Yes, that small crack in the…read more →

Self-Directed IRA — Ugh!! Let’s Do A Rah-Rah for the SD 401K!!

In the world of self-directed IRA custodians and IRA administrators, what is the common thread?  Well, if you said establishing self-directed IRA plans for its clients…give yourself a gold star!  Whether these companies are establishing your IRA plan with or without checkbook control, they are still establishing a self-directed IRA.  Are these plans of benefit to you, especially if you…read more →

Benefits of a Self-Directed Roth 401K? (VIDEO)

Did the IRS Actually Make Something Easier to Understand (please say it is so!)

Probably for anyone who has ever participated in a “traditional” 401K plan at their company OR are participating in a self-directed 401K, they know that 401K plan documents typically provide participants the ability to take out loan provisions from the plan. As a quick overview, typically such loans must be paid back based on the following IRS regulations (Loans from a…read more →