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Beneficiary Mistakes — Self-Directed 401(k) or IRA (Part 2)

In the previous post, we introduced three potential beneficiary designation mistakes.  In this post, we will point out a few more. Don’t Name Your Kid! This is not meant as harsh as it sounds.  As with other considerations, this relates to the issue of age.  There are WAAAAY too many people who identify their minor children as either a primary…read more →

Self-Directed 401K Plans — What the Heck is CODA?!

A prospective client once called when he had researched “my 401K” and got majorly confused. He was reading about how he could operate his self-directed 401K plan, how he could the 401K trustee of his own plan and how, hopefully, he could benefit his retirement plan and, ultimately, his retirement savings. But, while researching the ins and outs of 401K…read more →

Self-Directed IRA Contribution Limits — Who Stinking Cares?!

Well, actually, all of us should. So, why do I have such a strong commentary on the subject matter of IRA contribution limits…whether it be an IRA, Roth IRA or SIMPLE IRA? It is because in comparison to a 401K plan, the IRA just doesn’t hold up with any aggressive planning you may have to increase the value of your…read more →

Self-Directed IRA — Why an F May Be Better Than an A or a C!

Whether it be a self-directed Roth IRA, Traditional IRA or SEP IRA, learn why it might be important to you to save money on IRA custodian fees AND have full control of your IRA retirement plan and retirement savings. You see, in the world of self-direction, you typically have the options of utilizing a IRA Facilitator, IRA Administrator or IRA…read more →

My 401K and Self-Directed 401K — Assistance from the IRS?!

Well, not really.  But, whether you are establishing any type of IRA (Traditional, Roth, SIMPLE, SEP) or any 401K or other qualified plan (e.g., 403(b), 457), you may want to take advantage of a new tool the IRS recently published. Now, before you jump up and down with excitement about this new tool that can help you with retirement planning…read more →

My 401K, Self-Directed IRA — And, Social Security?

As all of you know, the posts on this site are, primarily in reference to self-directed IRA and 401K plans and the use of these vehicles to benefit your retirement plan and retirement savings.  Whether we are speaking of Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, SEPs or 401K and other qualified plans, the conversation is all self-directed. But, with your…read more →

My Self-Directed 401K Plan — When Should I Start One?

In today’s current growth of the market, it is not surprising to hear the following statements: “The DOW is doing so well, this would be the absolute worst time to set up a self-directed IRA or self-directed 401K for my retirement savings.” “The DOW is doing so well, this would be the absolute best time to set up a self-directed…read more →