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Learn more from our blog on how you can take advantage of a Self-Directed IRA or 401K to gain Financial Freedom.
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Company 401Ks

Learn how your IRA or 401K can invest in businesses Large or Small. And, we are not talking about purchasing stock.
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401k Basics

Loans can be a great investment for your IRA. Your IRA can make a loan to others for any purpose whatsoever.
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IRA Basics

Would you rather invest in Real Property vs. the stock market with your IRA or 401K funds? You can!
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Self-Directed 401k Plans — Purchasing Life Insurance?!

There are many financial experts who adamantly state that qualified plans funds (e.g., 401k) should never be used to...

401k Plan Fees — 1.3%!!

A recent article on msn.com pointed out the perils associated with many 401k plans and high 401k fees.  It seems...

Should Life Insurance be Part of Your 401(k) Plan Investments (Part 1)

  “The use of qualified plan funds to purchase life insurance has long been an option for those with...